Email content requires special attention for lead generation

Make sure email content is engaging and
reaching customers at the right time
As content marketing and lead generation continue to merge, B2B marketers must consider where to put their resources. Good content takes time, but it must also be worth the effort in regard to the leads that it generates.

According to Business 2 Community, special attention should be paid to more in-depth content that will connect with customers directly.

Lengthy white papers and other content that is shared with potential leads through email should be enticing enough that the audience looks forward to it - or, at least - does not unsubscribe by the third email.

Some tricks to make sure email content is doing its job

Metrics for measuring how much love your content is receiving

Lead generation success can be
measured with many different metrics
Success is measured in different ways. Overall, success at a business is usually measured through revenue and ultimately profits.

But, there are little successes that must be measured before one can identify what aspects of any organization need improvement.

When considering lead generation tools, one would assume that success would be measured by the number of contacts made. However, almost all Web analytic tools can provide valuable insight into how effective your content is at grabbing the attention of visitors.

You should be measuring as many metrics as you can when determining whether or not your online lead generation campaigns need a boost.

Personalize content for better lead generation

Switch up your online content and learn
what brings leads back for more
For B2B marketers, one challenge with online lead generation is keeping customers coming back. Sure, one article or white paper may have caught their fancy, but how can you make sure they visit again?

Maybe they just took what they wanted and moved on. In some cases, that will be true.

Not all visitors that read your company's content or white papers have any intention of entering the sales funnel. However, others may fail to return because you don't invite them back.

Even great content can go stale
Variety is the spice of content marketing and generating new leads - and reconnecting with old ones - takes dynamic, changing content. May sure articles cover an array of topics within industry. Switch between evergreen and news stories that so that leads will feel a need to come back often. Try and put out quarterly white papers that require an email for download. This will not only provide you with their contact information, but can help you track which leads continue to return to read more of the company's content.

Is your call to action loud and clear?

Make sure leads know where to go after
they view content with effective calls to action
While content can draw visitors to a website, sometimes it takes a few more boosts to get them into the sales funnel. One way of doing that is a call to action. While you should avoid the hard sell with content, you do need to make sure clients know you have something to offer.

However, even a well-written CTA may not be enough to improve lead generation and sales conversion. To really get new sales leads, try using a more dynamic CTA.

Here are a few techniques to consider:

Plot a course toward your website with improved SEO

Online lead generation can be tricky.
Improve your SEO so sales
prospects don't get lost a

You need a state-of-the-art site that looks inviting and is easy to navigate. And speaking of navigation, make sure prospects can find your site in the first place. No matter how great it looks, if its an island with no dock, it won't matter.

Land(ing page), ho! How to make sure your website is visible
B2B buyers don't do research by guessing the possible URLs of sellers and hoping to get lucky. No, they set out with a plan in hand. Google is their sextant and your SEO content is the night sky. If your content isn't optimized for search engines, then there is good chance buyers will sail right by.

Business 2 Community has some great tips for improving your SEO:

Don't get left behind in mobile race

Mobile use is skyrocketing,
and you need to catch up
Businesses are racing to the finish line with mobile apps and websites. If your company isn't doing this, you'll probably be left behind.

The "KPCB Internet Trends 2013" report shows more than 25 percent of total global Web traffic will be from mobile devices in 2014 - considering this segment made up 1 percent of Internet traffic in 2009, a lot has changed in the past few years.

People aren't just using their phones when they're riding the train or shopping. Many consumers use their gadgets as their primary access to the Internet - especially millennials. You may have noticed the increase in mobile traffic from Web analytics, so there is no more time to delay.

Here are some tips to get ahead in the race to more customers:

Is an inflated sense of self to blame for B2B lead generation failure?

B2B lead generation campaigns can
fail without proper segmentation
B2B lead generation can be a significant source of frustration for marketers. Part of the problem for many organizations is that marketing teams try to go after everyone, but their products may only apply to a niche target audience.

B2B firms that specialize in technology may experience more difficulty in lead generation activities, customer segmentation and email marketing campaigns because of misdirected or irrelevant content, according to a study from BtoB.

Unlike non-tech organizations, tech marketers struggle with the effectiveness of their customer databases because there is a greater need for segmentation. More people are involved in purchase decisions, and inaccurate customer segments can detract from the effectiveness of any campaign. Many organizations have suffered from lead generation efforts falling flat, and marketers may be at a loss as to why their initiatives weren't effective.